Photo by A.D.J Frith jnr © 2015

Photo by A.D.J Frith jnr © 2015



Hello and Welcome!

I am a mixed-media painter & illustrator, photographer, collage artist, lino cutter, Sacred Drummer & Shamanic dreamer.  

I love Lighthouses and wild places, glittering starlight & the sound of a running beat on my Pony hide drum.

I truly believe in: Following our inner compass, finding our own North Star, listening to our Heart's guidance and honoring our personal myth and symbols. That's where our power is and our dreams become realized!

Finding our own symbology and working with it is so important.  I was struck by Lightning on the morning of 12 August 2012 {a download which now feels like it is an intrinsic part of me and my personal myth; the strange gift of "Lightning in the Blood".} 

Thunderous skies and Lighting flashes had featured in my artwork for years before this happened.

I have always been creative and it feeds into every area of my life. I feel it when I pick up a camera, arrange items on an altar, strike a stick of incense alight... the kinds of meals I cook are a form of art-making to me, the bicycle I ride, the crazy way I stack dishes in Dr.Seuss-like piles for washing up, the kind of jewellery I wear.

I am qualified as a Hypnotherapist [Dip.Hyp Distinction] and Past/Future-Life Progression therapist,  and I dream of illustrating and publishing Children's books and hosting a Community Drum Circle for healing and connection and I am actively working towards making those dreams happen!

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Catherine Athena - Reiki Drum & Sacred Drum Practitioner.

Called to the shamanic path very young, Catherine’s life has taken her through a series of powerful initiations and threshold experiences. 

Touched by Lightning during a sudden storm in 2012 and named ThunderWoman by Rita Makkannaw (Cree medicine woman) she has been working with the healing power of the drum since 1996, and has trained with remarkable shamanic teachers.

Catherine is an honorary Waitaha tribe member (the Rainbow People of Peace) from Aotearoa, New Zealand. Bestowed this honor by Waitaha kaumātua Patrick Ruka (Māori Elder) following a pre-dawn ceremony in 1995, arranged by Barry Brailsford MBE - whose book ‘The Song of the Stone’ details his journey with Grandfather Wallace Black Elk.

Catherine is guided in sleep dreaming and journeys by Grandfather Wallace in ways of the healing drum and being of service to others - facilitating the prophecies of the return of the Rainbow Tribe